Corporate Profile

The European Waterproofing Association has been created to provide an authoritative voice for the roofing and waterproofing manufacturing industry across Europe. Formerly known as the International Waterproofing Association, the new organisation has adopted a major change of focus along with its new name to become Europe's central source of advice and information on all roofing and waterproofing matters both to the industry and to its user groups.

Our members are the leading producers of bitumen membranes and bitumen shingles and our association is as well open for the producers of thermoplastic membranes.

Bitumen membranes have been available in Europe for over 100 years and are manufactured by responsible companies, using high-tech methods, who are dedicated to providing environmentally safe and economically competitive products.

Enjoying more than 70% share of the European flat roofing market, Bitumen membranes are estimated to cover annually over 200 million square metres of roof area. They are installed by a workforce of over 40,000 trained applicators.

  • Green roof, European Parliament, Strasburg, France
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